IMG_0619.jpg Alia Lonsbury teaches 7, 8, and 9th Grade Special Education at Hamilton Community Schools. In 2005 she completed her Bachelors Degree from IPFW in Elementary Education, with a Minor in Special Education. She has taught Elementary Special Education, 2nd Grade, and 7th- 9th Grade Special Education. Alia has assisted in TOPSS an after-school tutoring program, Junior High School Spell Bowl Coach, and an after school Art program. Alia currently lives in Angola, Indiana with her husband, two step-sons, and two dogs. As a child she moved to several states living in Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas, Virginia, Tennesse, and Pennsylvania. She originally came to the AWP while looking for a summer course to renew her teaching license. She is concerned that her students will continue to say, "I have nothing to write about." She is confident if she can motivate her students to write, they will come to love writing as much as she does. Before participating in AWP the only writing she participated in was keeping a prayer journal, facebook, and writing with students. Through the AWP she has come to view herself as a writier, and enjoys writing poems. Alia has come to realize through the AWP that writing is thearputic, and everyone is a writer.

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