Amy Rocks!

I Love to Write!
I Love to Write!
Amy joins the Appleseed Writing Project from Ligonier, Indiana where she teaches English classes for ninth and tenth grade students at West Noble High School In addition to a full schedule, Amy also helps direct West Noble's Theatre33 drama troupe. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree fom Valparaiso University near Chicago, Illinois.

Amy grew up on a small dairy farm in Northeast Indiana - she loves cats but not dogs. Amy saw an AWP ad for a Saturday workshop several years ago, has attended a few workshops, and then heard about this awesome Summer Institute from a collegue - so here she is. Amy has taught and worked at a boarding school in Lake Forest, IL and has been teaching at West Noble for 13 years.

My friends and I used to write plays for each other at recess in first grade; I won a short story contest in third grade; I just need to write. Writing is communication - we need to be able to say what we mean. I enjoy writing stories and poems for my children, scripts and plays, letters, and press-releases for advertisements for my theatre. My favorite genres to write are: memoir, poetry, and feature articles. When I have time to read, I enjoy most play scripts, educational theory and DIgital Workshop Books :)

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