Brent Savchuk

Taking over his own Senior English teacher's position over twenty years ago at West Noble High School, Brent Savchuk has experienced a wide range of pedogogical shifts. Presently, his courses of CP (College Placement) English 12 and AP (Advanced Placement) English 12, provide him ample opportunity to spread his writing wings. With a BA in English from Manchester College, Brent got his secondary credential at Goshen College, and since then he has been immersed in a world of writing, literature, and adventure.


Brent began writing letters at an early age while spending summers away at his grandparents farm in southwestern Michigan. He learned to use the correct conventions in writing and he masked over the stuffy style by using humor and sarcasm liberally. Brent likes writers like Amy Tan and Mark Twain, because he tends to use them as models of the writing craft. He does like reading classics and biographies and histories. He would like to write a history or a memoir. Lately he has tried writing in a genre that is out of his comfort zone, and is finding it to be a pleasant challenge.

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