There is no place like West Noble

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Joe Pounds considers himself a fraud. Sure, he graduated from Ball State University with a degree in English Education and teaches 10th grade at West Noble High School in Ligioneer, but he lacks wisdom. He spent most of his university experience at the now non-existent QL's Chicken in Muncie, Indiana. He strives to preserve his aminimity.

Joe is not inspired to write, does not consider himself a writer, and when he writes, he feels like, you guessed it, a fraud. If he could write, he would write drama like William Shakespeare or M. Night Shyamalan. He is a non-reader, but enjoys looking at the covers of books by Pulitzer Prize winners and contemplating what about the letters inside earned them that award-winning status. He has also seen books by Cormac McCarthy, Sherwood Anderson, and John Cheever and enjoys easy-to-read minimalist poetry by the likes of Stephen Crane and some guy named William Carlos Williams. (All the above is Bull Dust of course.)
"areeba areeba, undalay undalay..."

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