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Gail Rocks!

Gail L. Grieser teaches post secondary English Composition at Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Grieser, a native of Connecticut, graduated from Miss Porter's School and began her collegiate career at Ithaca College in NY. After her freshman year, she attended the Ithaca College - London Center to obtain her BA in English education. She also did her student teaching at Haverhill School in Northwest London, England. Grieser did Master's Studies in Journalism at Ohio Univeristy, followed by seven years as a practicing journalist for various publications throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. She obtained a second Master in Education at IPFW.
  • Grieser has spent the last 25 years teaching kindergarten through college and continues to be passionate about teaching and learning. One of her greatest concern about education is that students often arrive at college under-prepared for the rigors of academics, especially writing.
    Grieser was first inspired to write by her first grade teascher. Her passion for writer was again reinforced by her teachers in middle school which lead her to a career in writing. One of her most valuable professional development experiences was the Appleseed Writing Project which she pursued at the suggestion of her office mate. She believes that one of the many great outcomes of the summer writing institute 2010 was the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other teachers.
Grieser's writing inspiration comes from her experiences and great authors. Her favorite authors include William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemmingway, C.S. Lewis, and Mark Twain. She also enjoys a good mystery and poetry.

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